As a real estate developer, promoter, and general contractor, Construgep is a dynamic company that offers services in real estate development and construction project management. Depending on the client’s needs, we provide turnkey construction projects, construction management or flat rate packages.

Construgep’s dedication allows the company to overcome the most complex technical challenges with regards to the industry’s highest standards. This excellence is highlighted by the many prizes awarded to the company throughout the years: Gold in the “Master Builder” category by Abritat in 2012 and “Project of the Year” by Prix Domus in 2015. Construgep is also recognized by GCR with a AA score. 


Our Company

Our president

As president of the company, Stéphane L’Espérance accumulated over 30 years of experience in the industry as architect, general contractor and real estate developer. This vast experience gained through the combination of construction company operation and project management allowed him to acquire a profound understanding of building conception and construction.

Our team’s diversified field of expertise is an undeniable strength that allowed our company to sustain growth at a remarkable rate in recent years.

Our team